Social bookmarks' review - version 3.5

Version 3.5 of my well-known charts is out. It is an interim version, again with 19 services included.

What’s new?

  • some mistakes have been corrected
  • updates (especially, Connotea, Netvouz and Simpy) have been implemented
  • services that don’t save a copy are sorted alphabetically (Simpy is – in my eyes – an exception)
  • one more aspect has been added: Tag cloud (this point will be extended in version 4)

The next edition (version 4) will contain at least three more services (Shadows, StumbleUpon and myYahoo). Version 4 will rearrange contents and contain a lot of more aspects, among them questions like

  • Post form WWW interface (e.g. from a public terminal)
  • See most popular links
  • Kinds of bookmarklets: Pop-up, Non Pop-up, Link history
  • Toolbar features
  • Ignore users
  • Sort links by name…
  • ...adding date
  • ...visit date
  • ...usage frequency
  • ...rating
  • Link and tag management: Rename tags (for several bookmarks)...
  • ...merge tags
  • ...split tag
  • Show similar links in my collection
  • Two-word tags allowed
  • Select tags with typeahead feature…
  • ...or click
  • ...or check boxes
  • ...or pulldown menu

Maybe there will be more aspects to add. We will see. And please: I don’t promise any release date, surely it will take several weeks or months. In the meantime, feel free to sign my Frappr and participate in my poll. Before the next edition I would like to contact every service to give them the chance to rectify these charts.

Get the document here (PDF, 125 KB).

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  1. Markus - 13. Januar 2006, 18:43

    great job!

    It’d be interesting to have some stats (online since, how many user, how many bookmarks, ...) associated with each tool.

  2. Kossatsch - 13. Januar 2006, 19:37

    Some information about that can be found here. I think it is more interesting to know how many users bookmarked certain pages of interest, as this helps to describe and evaluate a community.

  3. dgsinclair - 14. Januar 2006, 00:40

    I commented last time, but – what about the clipping service at – under tools, can you add that FURL (and maybe others) have a registry hack to add clipping to right click menu – when you say ”...and customizes its layout” do you mean that you have css values to tweak? If not, that is a cool feature too (which furl offers)

  4. Kossatsch - 14. Januar 2006, 13:48

    Of course, I read your last comment and I will mention your ideas in the next version. Thanks for mentioning the two things about Furl – the second one is already mentioned (and yes, I will express myself clearer in version 4…).

  5. 3spots - 18. Januar 2006, 08:50
    Trackback von 3spots:
    ALL Social that CAN bookmark

    I should remove the 'manager' from that Preferred Social Bookmark Manager? poll, it's about any social app that can bookmark a link online.
  6. Henrik - 18. Januar 2006, 21:10

    Hi, I’m Henrik from Netvouz. Nice to see an update of your great document.
    Here are some corrections to the document regarding Netvouz’ features:

    Categories – Yes, Netvouz supports both categories and tags for organizing bookmarks. Users can choose either or both, whichever suits their needs best. Netvouz also has very strong features in arranging/sorting your categories so you can find them quickly.

    Several categories – Yes, on Netvouz you can have unlimited number of categories and unlimited levels of categories.

    Mentions other members who saved link – Yes, together with a link history. Also displays overall average rating for a link.

    Set archive private, Mark entries private – Yes, Netvouz supports private bookmarks, categories and tags. Netvouz also supports private comments on a bookmark even if the bookmark itself is public. Great for keeping your userids/passwords you need to log on to various sites.

    Import, Others – Also supports Kaylon Powermarks.

    Import – Netvouz also has a duplicate bookmark filter when you import so you can skip bookmarks you already have. When importing there’s also auto-tagging of bookmarks.

    Tools – Mozilla/Firefox plugin in beta right now (has search feature, hotpicks with favicon display, post button, and more…). There’s also a module for Google available at


  7. Kossatsch - 18. Januar 2006, 21:22

    Thanks for your comment. Some of the features you mention are already inside the document, the rest will be added in the 4th edition.

  8. Vtech - 30. Januar 2006, 09:10
    Trackback von Vtech:
    Comparatif d'outils de social bookmarking

    Pour les utilisateurs des services et outils de social bookmarking, ou les social bookmarks, voici un comparatif de 19 services (une matrice) selon différents critères classés par catégories : sauvegarde, gestion, RSS, recherche, importation, outils correspondants...Il nous manque encore une autre relative aux statistiques d'usage !
  9. PaulPr1 - 10. Februar 2006, 02:48

    Nice review ! It would be also interesting if you could include social photo bookmarking tools like imgSeek

  10. Kossatsch - 10. Februar 2006, 12:44

    I will surely think about it, e.g. as Flickr is a very important web 2.0 application (sorry for mentioning that), but in my opinion, this will be a task for the fifth edition…

  11. andy - 12. Februar 2006, 23:12

    New service that allows you to use a single bookmarklet for most of the social bookmarking engines out there. delicious, blinklist, blogmarks, furl, jots, shadows, simpy, etc…. I just started using it – it seems to work pretty good.

  12. kreher - 16. Februar 2006, 17:46

    thanks for the information! i’m just getting into this new technology and am thrilled to find this.

  13. tbbrick - 24. Februar 2006, 00:07

    Ausge-freakin-zeichnet!!! Thx for the hard work put into it.

  14. njeppo - 2. März 2006, 12:22

    Here another just reccently founded Social-Bookmarking-Online-Service:

    (I won’t get any money nor PayPerKlick-Stuff either…)

    It’s a new and fresh tool for the German-speaking countrys… I think it’s interesting to have also a local/regional possibility/reference considering Bookmarking, because for some (local) topics… furl or isn’t the right spot to search…


  15. Kossatsch - 2. März 2006, 12:51

    Thanks for the link. If you want to be kept up-to-date with new services, you should read and follow my Spurl stream, where Mister Wong was already announced yesterday. You may even participate in it, if you have a Spurl account.

  16. Library clips - 3. März 2006, 09:17
    Trackback von Library clips:
    Social Bookmarks List

    Just came across the 3spots blog and it is social bookmark crazy - check out this phenomenal round up. Also check out ( a folksonomy to list folksonomies). I'm sure there are many lists on the web listing social bookmarks ...
  17. Philipp Keller - 8. März 2006, 08:22

    I miss RawSugar in the chart. I wrote a comparison of delicious, simpy and rawsugar just to give you a start.. :-)

  18. don - 29. März 2006, 20:28

    An important feature for me is boolean searches with AND / OR / NOT. That would be great to add to your list. The only services I know that have that feature is Simpy and Netvouz.

    Thanks for making your list. It was a great help searching for a service.

  19. Cynebealdův blog - 30. März 2006, 23:58
    Trackback von Cynebealdův blog:
    "Social bookmarking" jako náhrada oblíbených položek v prohlížeči?

    V posledních dnech se mi stávalo, že jsem na netu objevil něco zajímavého, několik hodin jsem se tím zabýval, a nakonec s těžkým srdcem stránky pozavíral a možná něco z toho uložil do “oblíbených”...
  20. logixoul - 1. April 2006, 01:51

    Excuse me, what do “clippings” and “linkroll for homepage” stand for?

  21. Kossatsch - 1. April 2006, 15:13

    Clippings means you copy a part of the page to underline and to save it. Linkroll for homepage means you get a kind of script (mostly javascript) to insert it into your blog or your homepage to show your visitors your latest bookmarks.

  22. phileplanet - 4. April 2006, 04:50

    What about the new Ma.gnolia

  23. jc - 17. April 2006, 11:59

    I’ve dedicated myself to spurl but now it’s so slow to searh through “My Spurls.” Not only that, there is no response in their forums. IT’s been this way for about 4 weeks or so now.

  24. Willbe - 27. Dezember 2006, 13:09

    Maybe You’ll find useful this blogger tool I wrote——this is a customizable bookmarklet for creating social bookmarking links.

  25. Jason Knapp - 27. Dezember 2006, 13:10

    Amazing amount of work you have put into this – I look forward to future updates.

  26. John - 27. Dezember 2006, 13:20

    We created to implement a social bookmarking service with inherent quality control, through existing trust relationships with your friends. What do you think?

  27. Kossatsch - 27. Dezember 2006, 13:21

    It is not really convincing, due to some important features lacking (e.g., gets more and more important), some bad translations (at least into German) and the first bookmark I wanted to store generated a DB error.

  28. Gurudatt Shenoy - 27. Dezember 2006, 14:00 has been around for the past 2 years and being used by people who are need of fast, easy and simple way to bookmark their favorite links and also check out the bookmarks shared by others. It also offers a way to post your own affiliate ads or paid ads which are visible on the search results page if the number of bookmarks of the user is the maximum in the total list of bookmarks.

  29. Platz Halter - 30. Dezember 2006, 14:29

    What about Un-Social Bookmarking ;) (german)

  30. Saru - 24. Januar 2007, 21:30

    I am spellbound after seeing such an excellent article with detailed comparison chart and honest comments. Its really marvelous!

  31. Enricochico - 17. Februar 2007, 18:06

    Another nice example of a bookmarktool is a combination of Digg and thumbs of websites:

  32. Torsten - 18. Februar 2007, 12:00

    ...based on Scuttle, isn’t it?

  33. james - 22. März 2007, 06:23

    thank you for the great analysis. if you don’t mind, i’d love feedback on our humble local social bookmarking site called – it’s infokarma.

    we have a database of every city in the world to add bookmarks to.

    thank you in advance, james

  34. Sylvain - 22. April 2007, 22:36

    very good and interesting job. So bad you don’t include Diigo which is a very powerfull bookmarking and anotating and research service. In addition, with Diigo, you may keep your furl, spurl, connotea or other account as each bookmark is automaticly copied there…

  35. Shagg - 24. April 2007, 21:17

    Hey, here’s a new social bookmark service with a different concept. Perhaps, someone likes to take a look!

  36. - schönes deutsches bookmarking-tool - 28. Mai 2007, 15:57

    tagthat richtet sich an die breite Masse der Internetgemeinschaft. Es wird eine intuitiv zu bedienende Oberfläche angeboten mit spielend einfacher Navigationsmöglichkeit. Auf zu viele Zusatzfunktionen sowie unnötigen Inhalt wird bewusst verzichtet. Der Gemeinschaft soll damit ein einfaches und übersichtliches Online-Portal angeboten werden.

  37. Faisal - 21. Juni 2007, 21:40

    Skillipedia Network is the new business network for doing things. Merely for business and career development –

  38. A1-Webmarks - 2. Juli 2007, 20:55

    A1-Webmarks – another social bookmarking site, which is also a great bookmark server. See at

  39. Willi - 5. August 2007, 00:49

    cool, danke. direkt mal das pdf runtergeladen.

  40. harsha - 29. September 2007, 19:25

    i think you have missed

  41. visitor - 24. Oktober 2007, 21:02

    Sieht so aus als ob dieser Thread mittlerweile schon etwas veraltet ist. Mittlerweile finden sich zahlreiche weitere Bookmarker im Umlauf. Eine etwas aktuellere Liste findet man zum Beispiel hier:
    Liste von Bookmark Services

  42. Torsten - 25. Oktober 2007, 11:15

    Da ist keine Liste. Linkspammern werden hier gerne die Zehennägel gezogen. Ohne Betäubung.

    Mehr Listen und Dienstleister: klick und klick.

  43. artikelverzeichnissen - 6. Januar 2008, 10:56

    “Da ist keine Liste. Linkspammern werden hier gerne die Zehennägel gezogen. Ohne Betäubung.

    Mehr Listen und Dienstleister: klick und klick.”

    Scherzkeks :D

  44. sparfuchs - 13. Januar 2008, 02:44

    Sind SB eigentlich schon wieder Out? :)

  45. Juniper - 27. November 2008, 07:30

    Version 1.0.3 of the Ultimate Social Bookmarking Buttons plugin has been released. This is a minor release that fixes one issue with the Joomla 1.5 version of the plugin and adds a few buttons.There was an issue with the Joomla 1.5 version of the plugin that messed up the top and bottom buttons being displayed properly. This has been fixed, and buttons have been added for and The buttons have also been removed, as is no longer a social bookmarking website.

  46. Alex - 11. Dezember 2008, 18:06

    A new social bookmark dofollow

  47. Holger - 30. Januar 2009, 10:23


    Wieso kommst du darauf das Social Bookmarks schon wieder out sind? Out sind nur diejenigen, die nachträglich alles auf Nofollow umstellen und als Folge gewaltig im Ranking abrutschen :-)

  48. bluray porn - 16. November 2009, 12:29

    thank you for the nice list. But I use sometinmes mister wong, but just the old tags, because they are dofollw

  49. Carolin Thomas - 11. Mai 2010, 17:19

    Thx for the pdf

  50. St George Real Estate - 26. Januar 2012, 18:39

    Onlywire is one of the best apps for this. I would check it out if I were you.


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